Planning Petition

Thanks to all the many amazing volunteers in our Community who have participated and worked hard, some 10,000 signatures have now been collected and presented to Martin Dixon’s office.

Through our Local Member, which is the correct procedure, Martin has tabled the petition in Parliament on a regular basis. We aimed for 1000 every sitting week and achieved that aim. It would be fair to say that as many houses as possible have been letter boxed and much work has been done where ever people have gathered.

Our efforts are now concentrated on convincing those who make the decisions that the Peninsula should be allowed to go back to the Localised Planning Statement. The Shire has now completed their Housing and Settlement Strategy which demonstrates that the Peninsula can cope with our appropriate share of growth without 3 storeys and incursions into Green Wedge. Much “advocacy” is going on quietly and we need to keep focused on achieving the appropriate results.


The Peninsula needs your help to ensure that the Mornington Peninsula Localised Planning Statement remains and that we are not again wrapped into the Melbourne Area.​

​New planning laws gazetted by the Planning Minister allow for:

  • Three storey, 11m high residential buildings when previously two storey was the limit.
  • A much expanded VicSmart planning application process which will now fast track large developments, and often, without any notification required to adjoining neighbours, Councillors or the broader community.

It would be disastrous for all of us no matter where we live on the Peninsula if development was allowed to run rampant through our townships, coastal and rural villages and the Green Wedge which is so important to our future well being.

Following Professor Buxton’s informative history and dire warnings of concern expressed at a recent community meeting (read about it here) we have put together a package for you to express your concerns.

Here you will find:
1. The Petition in the correct format (click here to download the petition)
2. Explanation of the Petition (click here to download the explanation)

  • Please forward on the material to as many contacts you have on the Peninsula so that they can also get involved.
  • Then please print off the information. Get as many signatures in the right format that you possibly can.

It is important that the petition is filled out correctly – names and addresses must be compete and printed to be acceptable (ie no scanned copies or suburb listing only).

Leave petitions with shops, sporting groups, clubs, etc anywhere people gather and encourage everyone to sign. Please ensure that this petition is widely distributed to have the desired effect.

As pages get filled up with signatures they can be posted to P.O. Box 463 Dromana, 3936
​ or contact so collection can be arranged.

Click here to read a letter written by Nepean Ratepayers Association outlining their concerns.
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